Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cody's Corner

Big Profits
We practice a method of agriculture here at Real Farm Foods that is old as the earth and made more accessible and proven by technology and science.  The use of plant and animal in a symbiotic relationship is science and nature working in an artistry of life that is as basic yet complex as the moon and stars.  Our modern agribusiness model of monoculture, practiced by most, represents the opposite which is the abuse of science to satisfy the greed of a few at the expense of life itself.  Along with genetically engineered crops came abusive amounts of pesticides and herbicides that continue to pollute our water, soil, and atmosphere and now our own bodies.  The promises made by the chemical companies have yet to be seen, other than huge corporate profits resulting from the promotion and sales of these artificial seeds which have benefited doubly by enormous increases of sales of most pesticides which the same companies happen to also have in their mix of company products.  Exaggerated claims of increased productivity made available to help eliminate the starving population scattered across different parts of the globe is obviously only hyperbole.   What we have witnessed is increases in disease and nutritional deficiencies not only in third world countries but malnutrition is now escalated in the Western world to health crises levels as true agriculture productivity falls.  We now understand how to be starved to death or to disease on a full stomach.
Yes, there is no doubt that with monoculture farming with the ecological destructive use of huge agriculture equipment and chemistry only a few farmers are needed to plant, harvest, and grow larger acres per man hour expended.  This has taken a multitude of human kind off the farm and a forced migration into the cities.  So now it takes fewer farmers to produce this quantity of food than it did say 100 years ago.  The question was never asked, or yet maybe only ignored by the so-called elite, "Did these people desire to relocate from the farms and countryside and what would be the sociological result of such an abrupt transition?"  The remarks made to support this plan lend a sort of demeaning tone to the art and craft to the most important career to humanity, the production of life giving food:  farming.  It could be that a great number of people actually find solace in spending a lifetime nurturing life through the practices of real farming.  The ideal that man is better served at an occupation that caters to a sedentary life, living primarily under artificial lighting, and ignoring the riches of the earth is at the least an absurdity and maybe on the verge of ignorance by the lower limits of all standards.  Nor was the questioned pondered by the mothers and fathers responsible for the nutrition and health of a country's citizens whether or not the chemical companies could or would even attempt to balance the diet with nutrient dense foods and outdoor exercise better known in the past as a common sense in movement that would build strong bodies and immune systems rather than bodies born with heavy levels of pesticide even before their first drink of their mother's milk.  Is it only by chance that these same huge chemical companies also have more chemical solutions to treat these symptoms in man that are manifested by this process and even exacerbated by many of the prescriptions handed out by corporate sales staff cloaked in long white coats?  Isn't a cure for many ailments simply the absence of the cause rather than the packaging of science in a drawer of capsules and injections?   Can success in science and medicine be judged more accurately by improvements in general health, fewer needs for treatment and less disease than an ever increase in the personal use of chemistry and patient rooms needed?  For it is this latter question that is answered in the affirmative when evaluating real farming practices and fewer acres are substituted for fewer patient rooms.  The solution for feeding the ever increasing worldwide population is not lower levels of nutrients produced per acre but yet more as in real farming.  And a culture that promotes the benefits of teaching a man to fish rather than handing out fish portions at no perceived cost surely has value.    
As the country relocated the majority of its citizenry into the cities the shortage of labor grew out of control at the farm because the people fell for this sham.  Farming now being implied as being almost beneath the status of a progressive American has allowed the laws protecting us from illegal immigration to be all but completely ignored.  This type of "ignorance-ing" has transitioned to the convenient source of cheap farm labor.  And now with the growing number of citizens dependent upon SNAP, food stamps, welfare and other government subsidies approaching 50%, our own ignorance of basic sustainability in all of life's balances may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. 
Meanwhile, there are more people without adequate nutrition among the poor countries of the world than ever before.  And now with abusive science and technology not only is real production on a per acre basis below the standards practiced daily by farmers who understand and yield to the demands of humus, organic matter, soil moisture retention, diversification, and nutrient dense crop seeds, but the very base of sociological balance is off kilter by levels never seen before save times of cultural collapse in history past.  So those who enjoy the temporary benefits of the profits of this system may now relish in blinders to the reality that their grandchildren, maybe even their own children will suffer from their own personal greed.  And if not by greed the very few alternate adjectives befitting such atrocities lie in the area of pure unadulterated ignorance or slothfulness; you choose. 
There are real farmers all across the globe that are producing real solutions to this problem.  Everyone does not need to be a farmer but each individual will be a consumer and therefore part of the solution as well.  By spending your food dollars at the real farm of your choice you not only receive the benefits enjoyed from healthy eating, you are privately lobbying for a more sociologically sustainable future.  And you thought all we did was farm.