Monday, August 19, 2013

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Rights To Your Food

 Police raid on local farmer
Do you believe you have the right to eat what food you wish to consume?  Can you decide whether or not you go to the local grocery store chain and buy major brand processed foods or to your local farmer and buy his eggs, milk, hamburger and garden tomatoes?  Are you allowed to feed your own children in your own house what food you choose versus what some governmental agency requires you to feed?   Can you drink the milk you take out of your own cow on your own farm when you choose to?  Can you invite friends over to your own house and serve them food from your own garden?  Can you take the left over garden produce, like the tomato seconds that aren't quite so perfect and throw them over the fence into your pig pen for tasty treats for your own pigs being grown for your own dinner plate?  Depending upon where you live in these United States all of these things are deemed illegal and people are sometimes being prosecuted, fined and sometimes sent to jail for these very simple, natural food practices.  And the number of incidences seems to be increasing as more and more of the population are exposed or become more aware of how food is produced in today's modern agribusiness model.  This is because each year more people opt out of the major, processed, antibiotic fueled, chemically sprayed, pasteurized to oblivion, irradiated, hydrogenated, genetically modified, pesticide soaked, arsenic drenched, fecal contaminated products that are now being substituted for human food.  And some of these concerned citizens are finding their own personal farmer, visiting his farming practices, asking the right questions, learning, and buying more and more real food directly from the farm in order  to have a more pleasant eating experience as well as searching for a more nutritionally balanced, and safe food supply.   The percentage of concerned food eaters is growing and the big food companies and their allies, the USDA, FDA, and even sometimes the local health departments, are coming unglued.  The pressure these big entities can put on our judicial system, local, state, and Federal governmental agencies, and ultimately the individual can be beyond belief.  
 I am quite sure that most of our customers probably are not even aware of most of the battles that are fought at the farm level just to keep this ball rolling.  Real Farm Foods as well as a large group of similar farmers nationwide belong to a legal group known as Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.  This is a legal organization designed to help us farmers and individuals fight some of these battles as they come up.   Many of our friends both local and across this country have and are being bullied by one or more of these type agencies for doing some of the very basic food production methods mentioned above.  It is quite common that when big agribusiness pushes and the small farmer winds up in court defending some of these quite basic farming practices, a very large group of his customers also follow him into the courtroom each day this nightmare goes on for him and his family.  In many of the cases where the farmer has this great support from his customers in the court room, the farmer may win.  In one case of this manner most recently the jurors were the same as lied to by the judge and prosecutor and then after the case was over and the farmer was acquitted, the jurors became trusted new customers.  And remember it was a judge who most recently declared in his courtroom that "Americans no longer have the rights to choose what food they wish to eat".   
Food is the largest single enterprise in the world.  It is also the only thing we cannot live without next to water.  This makes food and all its components including farmers extremely subject to coercion, deceit, corruption, bribery, better known as lobbying, and puts food as the biggest coin of international trade and therefore extremely political.  
Without good, nutritious food it is impossible to obtain and retain good health no matter how many doctors tell us differently.  In almost all these cases the political and/or economic positioning is disguised as concerns for health and food safety reasons.  When, in fact, the factory farms, agribusinesses, and even the health care system that are supported by these organizations are profiting from this substandard production of so-called food and feel threatened by each one of us small independent farmers.  This is even more so particularly when you, our grand customers, speak your mind and vote with your food dollar in an educated fashion.  We all should know that health insurance is not equivalent to good health care.  And when good health care is wrapped in with good nutrition, expensive and hard to find good health care providers or health insurance becomes less and less of an issue.  


  1. That was interesting. But it wasn't really clear as it seems to me. I hope that you'll add more details on the topic.

  2. This is a very unusual look at this problem. It seems to me that I can choose what I like to eat.

  3. HI Cody, I wanted to share this site with you - We're cultivating stories about farmers in Missouri who are threatened by Eminent Domain abuse in the state. This post made me think the issue might be of interest to you! Love the blog =)


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