Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real Farms

Farming is one of the most simplistic parts of life, the most complex, and one of the few activities that life can not exist without, at least in the way we live life today.  Unless all man was willing to become hunters and gathers, we must farm to live.  We must farm in a way that is sustainable, this is a method that can be extended into the future for generations to come.
The mechanisms within our bodies demand the fruits of the earth.  We can not survive on artificial organisms.  The life giving organisms that our bodies require for sustenance are all derived from the earth's production either originating from soils or water.  If our system of agriculture does harm in any way to this soil or water we are practicing a form of self mutilation. It is an arrogant personality that practices food production in a way that requires the pollution of our limited supply of drinking water or contamination of our thin layer of top soil that all life depends upon.

Today's agribusiness promotes, at the highest levels, mono culture agriculture with unprecedented levels of artificial inputs that degrade top soil, drinking water, and the human body.  This is done primarily out of ignorance from an uneducated support system trained entirely from its own agribusiness financial system designed to perpetuate its own existence. This is an artificial system which continues to develop an infinite number of additives in the form of more pesticides, GMO's, abusive technology, and so called educational institutions to support its bad habits.  Because of its strength in momentum the monetary gain received by its supporters has far outpaced almost all levels of good logical judgement that an educated society would generally represent.  For no practical human would poison his only means of his life giving sustenance.  This artificial system of mono culture farming has been substituted for real farming which understands the full circle of biological life.

Some call biological farming organic or natural, but in reality it is only farming.  It is also the only possible method to put back into the soils what we extract in the form of food for our own bodies.  Earth is not all that different from a large piggy bank.  If we continue to take withdrawals with out dropping in more coins from time to time, the bank will eventually be broken.  Farming under our current modern system with artificial inputs is like depositing only wooden nickels in that piggy bank.  Real farming requires of us a very simple system or protocol.  This protocol demands birth, life, death and decay.  This is not at all different than what human life demands.  I believe this to not be by any accident.  A multi species and diversified farm  in which grazing animals are an integral part of contributing back to the soil for the production of not only more foraging plants for those animals, but soil building components for vegetable, fruit, and grain production primarily for human maintenance is required for life.

It is also by no accident that a small farm can produce an enormous abundance of food under this system.  And it requires only a very minute part of the entire farm to produce gigantic quantities of body building nutrients leaving the bulk of the farm for proper management in order to build in the sustainable system described.  In sharp contrast our current system of agribusiness in its mono cultured practices not only degrade and diminish all chances for life's sustainable requirements but its production level is so substandard that it has no possibility in mass producing the demand of the earth's population of human beings.