Sunday, August 28, 2011

Raw Milk

By estimation made by the USDA about 12 million people across the US drink raw milk every day.  Of course the opposite of raw milk is generally considered to be pasteurized, homogenized milk from large commercial dairies.  In controversy all across this country, not so in many parts of Europe where raw milk is accepted as nutritionally demanding, is not only should people drink raw or processed milk, but the USDA would claim that Americans do not even have the rights to drink raw milk if they choose to.  And of course since practically never do any of the 12 million raw milk drinkers fall to their health demise, as suggested by the USDA. I'll take my chances drinking milk from cows standing on grass instead of in their own feces.

Since I have been drinking raw grass fed milk daily for most of my 50 some odd years I am extremely biased and can't for the life of me see what all the hoopla is about.  Since the government is suspected of more than one disservice to it voters, I suspect they must have their hand somewhere in the milk bucket or why else would they even care.  People die everyday from car accidents, cancer caused from tobacco, drowning in swimming pools, and the list goes on and on but all of these highly dangerous activities are allowed.  I think it's pretty easy to put the economic pieces together.

Some may think that drinking raw milk is some sort of new fad and practiced by only the liberals from California or some other forward thinking local.  Nothing against my friends from California.  Anyway, raw milk is drunk all over the world and has been for centuries.  Many believe raw milk has important nutrient content and has even been used as a treatment for illness by yes, real certified doctors.

One very interesting medical practice is to utilize the immunity offered up in colostrum, milk from a ungulate who has just given birth, for fending off diseases or pathogens.  There is even a US patent from work done back in the 1950s describing the process.

It seems the medical profession was injecting serious antigens into the teats of the cow just before calving.  The biology of the cow lends itself to the manufacturing of antibodies to combat these deadly pathogens.  From a cowboy's perspective what they were doing makes all perfect sense.  Once the cow, goat or sheep, gave birth and began producing colostrum, this colostrum would contain the antibodies to fend off the disease.  Once the infected individual consumed the colostrum with the produced antibodies, the healing would take place at phenomenal rates.

This appears to be a very economical and efficient way to fight disease.  I in fact have a friend who was deemed terminal from a well known disease, and went through this very process on his own.  He has told this story for many years now and obviously has outlived his termination date.  I can't imagine our current day highly esteemed medical profession accepting this sort of human treatment for disease.  And I even have a greater problem living long enough to see this ever get FDA approval.  I guess there is more money in statins.

But whether or not raw milk from grass fed cows contains disease fighting qualities from the manipulation described above, I feel much healthier personally when I get my daily fix.  And knowing how dangerous driving a car is compared to drinking raw milk I intend on doing both.  And surely common sense would dictate that no one else, and particularly the government, should be given the authority to dictate over our diets.  And besides, it tastes like drinking the best milk shake in the world.  And to my friend, Dr. ####, anyone who can't taste the milk shake in my raw milk has lost the battle of mind over matter.  But then I can't force myself to eat cottage cheese.  At least we now know our weaknesses don't we, Doc?


  1. To understand the government opposition to raw milk, just follow the money--Mike ortwein

  2. Absolutely agree with you Cody and Anonymous - a healthy patient is not a profitable one. Practically every decision by our Corporatist/Government officials is monetized at its core. We have been sold out in this country for far too long. - Nomad


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