Sunday, August 21, 2011

America The Beautiful

I have very little patience for the conspiracy theorists of today.  As a farmer I believe to be somewhat pragmatic, slightly logical,  a believer in faith, an optimist, and I seldom count on a good rain until AFTER it arrives.  However, the mood of this country, I believe, is changing to an almost aggressively, quasi-militant, average working class of struggling soccer moms and fed up dads with the FEDS.  That is, more average folks are seeing dirty stuff going on in Washington and being of the nature many Americans are, we might even have a chance if we somehow make changes for the better sooner than later.  Of course it will takes some sort of unification and strong leadership.

Something I have been having a problem with for the last couple of years is this bashing of big corporations.  As a graduate of a business school my teeth were cut on the free enterprise system, the economics of Adam Smith, efficient operating systems, and buyer be ware.  When I heard my first bashing of the cooperate form of business structure at one of the annual sustainable agriculture conventions, I thought I was witnessing heresy.  After reading, listening, and lots of observation, I may be getting a little goofy myself.  It isn't that I do not believe in the benefits of pooled resources put to benefit in the form of a corporate entity.  But now, our politicians and complete political system have learned to suck out all the fresh quarters before milking time starts.   That is, politicians have learned which business entity can garner the most financial support, and it sure isn't us small farmers.  This frenzy of Washington huddled around big corporate activities has distorted basic business practices of free enterprise and nothing is even close to being black and white any longer.

So I am now coming out of the closet with my old college business classmates and will surely be black balled.  Our corporate business structure as we practice in the US is quickly destroying our country at a rate that is not sustainable for very much longer.  Greed has taken precedence over everything from child rearing, to basic food consumption.  Big government desires to legislate what we eat because it is in their best financial interest for the corporate giants they are nursing.

We have displaced millions of Americans and have put them on some sort of government form of welfare because someone said big farms and big business is the wave of the future.  As farm ownership shrunk, unemployment and government subsistence sky rocketed.  Doesn't this look a little bit like prerevolutionary Europe?  Think about how many folks could be put to work if 70% of our population once again moved to small farms and once again became real farmers instead of pesticide mechanisms and tractor mechanics.  The 2% that now produces on our farms would certainly benefit because they could finally become what they really dreamed of being, real farmers.  Unemployment would be almost non existent, many of the large deceptive and politically run corporate entities that cater to agribusiness could go to the way side.  Now this would be truly a free enterprise system that Adam Smith would recognize.    


  1. What exist today is corporate welfare, to big to fail, etc. When government has near total control of the economy by rules and regulations, you buy yourself the best government money can buy. Have you ever known a poor politician? Government has become a protection racket, just like the mob, and if you don't pay, they shut you down. Mike Ortwein

  2. Cody, You are beginning to experience the same paradigm shift that many ordinary Americans (though still too many remain sheeple) have undergone. Our "elected" officials certainly do not represent our best interests - you need not look any further than news reports of Amish farms being raided by the FBI for selling raw milk or raw cheese processors (Morningland Dairy) being shut down to adequately interpret the data. The true conspiracy theories come from those of power because they use events and disasters to their benefit. I believe it was a certain gov. official under our current president who said "never let a crisis go to waste". Contrary to what our colleges teach, Capitalism is the religion of greed and wealth transfer from the many to the few. Times are going to get worse for the vast majority of us - gird yourself and be prepared. Seek wisdom above all else - she will not fail you.



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