Friday, July 22, 2011

How We Farm

After farming in this country now for over 200 modern years you would think we would have it down pretty good.  But in fact, we are probably the worst examples of farmers since the dawn of time.  Our mono-culture slash and burn system has eroded our soils, depleted our ground water, and contaminated most of what is left.  Those still stuck on this old warn out paradigm have the misguided belief that this type of agriculture is high tech, high production and efficient, and necessary to feed the masses.  When in fact our per acre production is less even with all our high tech, killer pesticides, and government hand outs known as subsidies, than the much more simple organic farming used today in China.'s_Republic_of_China
Their high level of production isn't based on large quantities of oil consumption and unsustainable practices.

Our form of food production is based on putting dollars in as many people's pockets as possible before it gets to the consumer, that is, all except for the farmer.  And because our production is so low, and because so many folks selling and providing services and stuff along this food production line, the prices paid for FOOD must reflect it's true value.  Our food is extremely cheap both in real dollars and nutritional content.  Our farmers have the ability to produce nutrient dense, affordable protein, fiber, minerals, and other quality food that can be affordable and can provide a good payment to those actually responsible for growing it, the farmer, but not if it must pass through the hands of an entire army of non agricultural types adding on their withdrawals.  So the agr. industry redesigns food like genetically modified corn and the production model all the way to the consumer.  Some peoples in far away places are not buying off on this trash.  And are sending a message to the agr. industries responsible for this destructive process.

Small farms and farmers living on the farm from which they are responsible for is the only solution to this massive food and humanity problem.  Most problems in agriculture simply can not be solved in the cab of a 300 horse power tractor or a bottle of pesticide.

We farm 1000 acres, which is not considered a small farm, producing beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, cow milk, goat milk, eggs, cheeses, garden fruit, garden vegetables, under a holistic system of farming.  Our production quantities are above average and are not achieving capacity.  In fact under this multi-species system we have forage production not yet utilized even when neighboring farms are feeding hay in the heat of the summer due to their lack of forage.  We not only employ our family on this farm but provide income to several others and have capacity to supply income to even more families. 

We have begun sharing our farm with others to better utilize our over capacity.  At this time we have space and the need for a family to bring  their goat herd of at least two hundred to three hundred meat goats to utilize what forage we have not yet been able to utilize.  This type of system can allow families that may not currently have the resources to farm entirely on their own but do have initiative and desire to have independence on our farm.  In the case of these meat goats you would share in the harvest of the annual production for your rent. 

This type of system is designed for our type of farming operation that is larger in size than what one family can tend to.  There are farms of this and various sizes all over this land.  From very small 40 acre single family farms, to our size farm and larger, production can be increased and ecological conditions will improve.  Quantity and quality of the food produced can be improved because the people living there will have a vested interest.  They are responsible for the nutrient quality and condition of what leaves their farms and which lands directly on the consumers dinner tables.   

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