Thursday, July 28, 2011


Some are alarmist and some are conspiracy theorist and others like me are just farmers that are looking around and taking notice.  This blog reports on the status of American farmers quite frequently with the intent on securing better food for the citizens we are responsible to.  I am among the crowd that see our archaic methods of agriculture costing loss of soil by monumental levels, destruction of ground water through abusive pesticide use, and the massive desertification of our farm land from one end of this nation to the other.

This shortage of water and loss of top soil being one in the same problem.  Bare soil, as in between rows of corn, causes massive soil erosion and reduces perculation of rain water downward by astronomical proportions now showing in every state in the union.  Grass covered soil is critical for the sustenance of man. "Grass is the forgiveness of nature."  Bare soil causes crop land to become deserts.  Shortages of drinking water are a direct result of poor farming practices.  Sequestering of atmospheric carbon by way of grass lands is an absolute necessity for man to balance the resources needed to perpetuate our existence.  A society dependant upon annuals will go by the way side no matter high tech that society thinks they are.  In fact, we have proven in the United States that our technological advancements have primarily increased the rate of desertification at alarming rates.  But then I'm only a farmer looking out my windows.

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  1. Keep up the good work, Cody. People are all worried about the debt crisis,but no one is paying attention about the future food crisis--it will be far more profound--Mike Ortwein


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