Monday, July 18, 2011

All Life Depends Upon The Farmer

Texas is currently in a drought that is devastating that state's agriculture.  Much of the water flowing to irrigated crops in California has been reduced below growing standards or completely stopped.  Not only is drought and dry conditions covering these big ag western and southern states, but lack of water or even to much water is currently a much bigger problem than most anything going on in our country. 

We not only raise livestock here at the Rockin H Ranch we also raise and sell produce.  Last year a box of red tomatoes were selling for about $25 this time of year.  Last week these same kind of tomatoes were bringing $55 a box.  These prices and many more are substantially higher than the Washington reported inflation rate of about 4.5%.

The reality of these poor growing conditions are in many ways caused by man.  Much of our water for growing crops that are later feeding much of this country's human population, is piped from under ground out of the much discussed and cussed massive aqueduct water system.  The big problem is this supply into the aqueduct is not being replenished at a rate as fast as it is being used.  Kind of like our Washington budget.  And as well in this case this is also caused by man.  And the water issue is primarily caused by poor farming methods.  That's right, the very farmers, business men and women, that need good conservation practices are destroying their abilities to produce food.  I am including myself, as a Midwestern farmer, in this category.

This large under ground system of water ways is being depleted in many cases due to the slash and burn and don't give a dang, Washington subsidized, backward farming system used all across this country.  The water table in my county has been lowered each and every year since I was a child.  The manner in which we manage the thin layer of top soil, that all life is dependant upon, will determine porosity or the ability of rain water to perculate down to our life giving supply of good water in its natural water holding storage tank.

 Most of our grain production farmers in this country, again government subsidized grain, have a standard practice of purposely collecting this rain water and taking it to the rivers, primarily the Missouri and Mississippi, eventually, and dumping all the good drinking and growing water all we would ever need into the gulf of Mexico where it pollutes and destroys along with the farming toxins and pesticides carried with the water.  And please don't forget to mention three bushels of top soil, that life giving top soil all life depends upon, for every bushel of corn produced, is also carried away. 

You may ask how is this done.  It's very simple.  Most all dry and some wet farming ground is layed out with miles and miles of underground drain pipe set up on gravity collection to rid each farm of most of what water falls on each field of corn.  This is done for the sake of big production and big subsidies, there is literally no good farming practices followed under this system.  No body seems to give a flying fig that this system is destroying our country and is part of a very big scenario that is desertifying our Nation.

Many civilizations have been destroyed in this very same manner.  We first begin causing droughts and floods from mismanaging our top soils, loose our access to quality water, loose our access to life giving top soil, which causes starvation, which always follows high food prices, like currently happening, and sooner or later someone else is relaxing in your easy chair right there in your front room.  The last decades of most any dying civilization feeds its people on the bare necessities and cheap produced grains, like corn, beans, rice etc.  This is currently happening in the U.S. and very few seem to realize this calamity.  Corn is represented in almost every food we eat.  We are already feeding our citizens on this starvation diet.  This grain has just been disguised with coloring, additives, processing, as we destroy first our health until we blow away with the last spec of lifeless dry teaspoon of soil.

I am working on my farm and ranch to stop this nonsense.  There is plenty all can do even folks who don't farm.  You can start by stop supporting these businesses that are killing our country.  Your spending dollar is the most powerful tool we have.  A great president once said, 'he who controls the food controls the nation or world.'  We the people can control the food if we choose to.  I also challenge all farmers once again to farm more responsibly.  We all know this is not working.   

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  1. I heard a speaker say that no society that was dependent on annual crops has ever survived. Farming today is totally dependent on outside inputs, and many are oil based, or dependent on oil to get it out of the ground and delivered. The days of cheap oil are drawing to an end, and our way of life will go with it--Mike Ortwein


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