Saturday, June 18, 2011

Responsible Farming

I have put much responsibility in the hands of our farmers for producing quality, nutrient dense, safe foods.  As home owners, I ask for the reduction and eventually the elimination of weed and insect spraying around the yard and fence rows of harsh chemicals to stop ground water contamination.  Food processors seem to keep adding more and more additives and are only deterred when USDA makes changes, which only appear to be more biased and allow more and more poisons into our foods. I actually believe a responsible society actually needs very little regulation when its citizens are responsible and also demand safe food. 

It is now become a common occurrence for yet another friend, neighbor or relative to get cancer at an early age.  My friend Molly, 39 years old with three children has been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer.  I can not keep from believing that as a community we have contributed in the worst way.  First I ask for all who read my blog to please mention Molly in your prayers and ask your church on Sunday to pray for her and her family.  At the same time I also pray that my farming community will become more responsible in its farming practices and eliminate all herbicides and pesticide usage.