Sunday, March 27, 2011

Responsible Farming

Just got back from speaking at the Farm To Table Conference in Pittsburgh Pa. Sally Fallon's presentation followed mine so we got to rub elbows once again. What a fine lady Mrs. Fallon is and quite the advocate for correcting many of our health issues through diet.

As farmers we can begin to take on some of this responsibility for the health and welfare of our citizens. After all we are the food producers for everyone who does not grow their own food, which takes in just about the entire population. There was a very large campaign, which began over 40 years ago, to convince our farmers we had to quit raising food and become big commodity growers. They were very successful at the expense of our farmers and consumers, the American public. Most of the auto immune deficiency diseases we cope with each day ravaging the lives of our friends and relatives were hardly known of prior to that time in history. These diseases were by no means as common as they are today.

No one forces the dairy farmer to inject Rbst, the calf feeder to force feed antibiotics in the form of Ionophores and inject growth hormones, the grower to spray pesticides on plants, plant Eco dangerous GM seeds just so he can spray more Glysophate, feed arsenic to chickens housed by the thousands living in their own feces, and the list goes on and on. And most do this because of the training most of us have received over these last 40 years. And with all this bigness in play, our farmers are having some of the most difficult times in history at keeping the ink from turning red and even keeping their farms at all.

So when Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz, almost a half century ago, was telling farmers to get big or get out what he was really saying was to become slaves on your own farms, produce the way we tell you to, have no conscience for your fellow Americans, or you can sell your farm and move to town. Now our smaller farmers that are left are mostly broke, working full time jobs in town to support their farms, and many of those who gave in and went to town are contributing to the ranks of the unemployed.

We have markets that are screaming for farm fresh, quality grown food not laced with pesticides, meats and milk that does not have to be heat treated or dipped into chlorine baths, and all kinds of non processed real food. And we no longer have many farmers that know how to do these things. This is because we followed Earl Butz's scare tactic and got out. And one big result of this is the battle we as a nation are loosing as a whole in our poor quality of health. This massive increase in health issues is extremely expensive on our nation, our people, and our chances for a future. No matter wether or not there is a national health insurance plan, the people will have to pay for these enormous costs of a civilization in the sorry health condition we have become. And all the blame can not be placed on pre-packaged fake food and the companies that produce that trash. Farmers will have to carry a very large load of blame for growing it to begin with.
Less than 2% of our population produces food for all the rest. Many in agriculture will brag about this feat. I am here to declare that this is an embarrassment to my own industry of agriculture. Other societies report tremendous increase in productivity over our abusive systems we practice here in the states. We have been successful in displacing many good farm families over the last 40 years and removing them and their highly skilled abilities and have put the burden of commerce on the American people of feeding and taking care of a large population of people that can no longer find employment. They have been replaced by a system that produces frankenfood that helps incubate cancer, type 1 diabetes, heart disease, M.S., obesity, and a host of other auto immune diseases that in themselves have the capability of destroying the health of our entire nation.

By ridding our country of the small farmer we have created a serious health endemic never seen before in our history. We have created the loss of waves of jobs and placed the burden of feeding and caring for millions of others in the form of welfare and other public assistance programs. By doing this we installed a monstrous farming conglomerate whose only goal is to produce large short term profits while insuring the destruction of most of our natural resources, at the top of that list primarily our very limited top soils, in which by some calculations will no longer sustain our civilization past the middle of this century.

Because the solution is so simple and has no chance for corporate ownership and control, talk of food production from small, highly skilled farmers, with high moral standards, can only be successful by one convert at a time.  This will require a point of view that extends beyond what most are fixated on from what they have been trained to view as acceptable from what they see on T.V., magazines, other media, and from whom they are influenced by in society.  We have been trained that we can not die of starvation from a full stomach.  This is not true.  Most critical historians know of many civilizations, including ancient Rome, that no longer exist due to their lack of ability to feed its people in a healthy manner.  Food and good health are synonymous.  And with out quality farmers, we have neither.  I urge all to purchase food for your family from only responsible farmers.  At the same time I encourage all young men and women who desire to farm to avoid the advise of Earl Butz.  

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  1. Thank you for posting this wonderful article! I really appreciate all that you do for the farmers & for producing healthy food for the community. I'm learning so much from you & your wife & I thank you both. I only wish I had known when I became a mother 14 years ago how important organic/natural foods are. I guess it's never too late to start. We have made a lot of changes in our house over the last 10 months & I'm so thankful to be feeding my family healthy, natural foods. Hoping in the future to make a trip to see my brother & your sweet daughter. We will for sure make a visit to your ranch. Mom & Dad said it's a wonderful place, a place they never like leaving : ) Amy


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