Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big Ag Bluff

Once being on the side of big industrial ag and now in transition for being re-educated, I still recall boasting how we were so good at farming here in the US that we were feeding the world.  This could never be more false once we learned how to read, that is between the lies and the lines. The next time some big proponent, or industrial ag vehement brags about feeding the world, ask him "just what kind of food do you produce?".

Over 70% of all corn grown in the US is fed unnecessarily to cattle walking around in feed lots in knee deep, ecoli feces.  Pesticides are so prevalent now that many vegetables bought in the supermarket are laced with levels above FDA standards, as if there is a safe limit to poison.  Most illnesses of today are food related.  And I do not mean contaminated with bacteria.  Almost all of these listed immune deficiency diseases are directly related and are an outcome from poor nutrition. 

Secretary Earl Butz gave a speech over 30 years ago slamming small agriculture.  His famous statement was, "get big, or get out."  Those must of been powerful words because small farmers have been exiting the business ever since.  And our health has never been worse in history.

This article gives hope to those of us who have chosen not to listen to the likes of Earl Butz, and do not have our head stuck in the sand.

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