Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad Habits Are Hard To Break

Many of us do things every day in a certain way because more than anything else action simply forms habits within our lives.  This is never more true than feeding grain to ruminant animals like our friendily bovines the cow or bull.  These ruminant animals do not have the biological make up to handle high concentrates like soybeans, corn and many other harvested grains.  Yet in America most continue to force feed our cows this very toxic menu because in the short run we see increases in production, that is in weight gain and milk. 

This animal which internally is designed to function quite well eating forages only, will show us just how adverse they are to grains if we simply open our eyes and back off some of these bad habits we continued for way to long.  The attached article reflects on university research that demonstrates just one of the damages we are causing by feeding bulls grain. 

Many of my readers and clients have heard me talk on this topic before.  But my friend form Colorado, Kit, "no grain" Pharo, reminded me once again in his e-mail.  For your reading "click here". 

This blog entry will not speak of all the bad environmental and social problems caused by our insistance on all the grain feeding to cattle.  But just from the economic point of view of the rancher, why is it so hard for the cattleman to not recoginize that grain feeding is one very large part of his financial difficulty.  The answer is simply, "Bad habits are hard to break".

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