Friday, February 25, 2011

What's So Important About Alfalfa

Washington just cleared the way for the sale and planting of all the GE Alfalfa.  You might be asking what is GE Alfalfa and why do I even care.  And you may think that alfalfa has no connection to your life.  You would probably be wrong under this assumption.  Alfalfa hay and pellets for concentrate is one of the primary protein additives for dairy cattle, beef cattle, goats, sheep, and many other animals we get meat and milk from.  Have you ever eaten ice cream.  Well, ice cream comes from cows, and many cows eat alfalfa every day.  What about butter, cheese, milk, hamburgers, etc. and the list goes on and on.  Some mineral supplements for humans even contain alfalfa. So what is GE Alfalfa and why does Washington care about it?

As suspected, this is no ordinary alfalfa plant.  These plants come from seeds that have been genetically modified.  The primary reason for modifying the genes are to alter the plant so that it can accept more of a very extremely toxic chemical insecticide called Glyphosate.  You see now, the farmer can plant alfalfa seeds and spray the living daylight out of the entire field with an extremely powerful weed killer, not unlike DDT, without causing damage to the alfalfa plant.  So now the alfalfa is bathed in this pesticide at even higher and higher levels.  The alfalfa is later processed for animal and or human consumption.  What parts of the bug killer doesn't get blown over into the neighbors field, into your air and heating system in your house, or in through your window of your car, gets washed down towards our drinking water system or either stays on the plant to be consumed by food producing animals.  Isn't that just great.

There is little to no question about the dangers of pesticides.  So why would a farmer contribute to such a destructive process.  And why would our hired help in Washington want to contribute. In the old days before pesticides and Monsanto, farmers had better understandings of plant, soil and animal life than they do today.  The also must have had better moral fiber as well.  They understood that in order to grow living food for living people the act of growing food must involve care and consideration for what exists in the quality of the food not just the quantity of a commodity to turn into cash.  And to understand why Washington is even involved we must understand how our USDA employees are connected to the company, Monsanto, that makes and sells these products.  When we spend only a small amount of time looking we easily find that most of the upper level management staff for USDA and FDA have once or in some cases several different times, also worked for Monsanto.  Big companies have found out that not only is paying billions of dollars on lobbyists and bribes a pretty good way of doing business, but promoting your high ranking employees to government positions that actually have the power to approve your products for the market has value as well. And then of course when they get tired of working for uncle sam they are always welcome back home.  What a system.

I have encouraged farmers many times in this blog to become more responsible in this wonderful endeavor, the people of the world have placed in our hands, to produce life giving foods.  I am honored to be given this opportunity and value it tremendously.  I have wondered for sometime what means of legal protection has Monsanto devised to protect themselves for legal liability from creating these poisons that cause cancer and other immune depressant diseases which kill adults and children everyday.  It appears that when the farmer purchases these cancer causing products he is required to sign off on what I call a waiver, which he then accepts all the liability.  This legally exonerates Monsanto from everything under the sun. Isn't that just amazing.  Again, I appeal to the farmer.  Lets quit playing this dangerous game.  It will be the farmer left holding the bag some day when the attorney or someone even valuable who asks,"did anyone force you to farm this way"?  And of course the answer will be, "we were only doing it for the money".  And the reply from the bench setting next to Monsanto, "Off with his head".


  1. When did Glyphosate become an "...extremely powerful bug killer, not unlike DDT..."?

    I have always thought that Glyphosate was a herbicide that is primarily used to kill undesired grasses and broadleaf weeds.

  2. I had the same question as Rich. Mr. Holmes, I would like you to answer one question for me. Why is the average life expectancy today almost 78 years old in the presence of all this "killer chemicals", but it was only 50 years back when people lived in the manner you're advocating?

  3. Glysophate is the active ingredient in these roundup ready mixes. It is known to be an indocrine disruptor and has negtive effects on the hormonal balance of the female reproductive cycle.It interferes with aromatase which produces estrogen.It is toxic to the plancenta, and related to misscariages. "I should have written weed killer not bug killer."My apology.Anyway you look at them, all "icides" are killers and there is no place for them in the food arena, ever.


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