Monday, January 17, 2011

What Deficit?

Many States, if not most, and the Feds are spinning in their plush offices spouting off about the need to raise taxes because their is a deficit between what is being brought in and what they are spending.  I have been dealing with this kind of deficit in my own household for over 35  years.  And when I kept spending the spread just got worse.  When I made more money, I generally just spent more.  Balance only comes when I control my spending and don't over extend.  These government officials are not dealing with a deficit, they are simply over spending.  A great deal of this over spending can be attributed to our own wants and desires, just like in our households, that we voted for and keep demanding.  Let me explain.

If my household chose to take on the financial responsibility of all the other households on my road, I too would have a serious deficit.  Each one of these neighbors must be personally responsible for maintaining their own.  This doesn't mean we can't help our neighbors when we can, and or share the responsibility of building new or repair the fences that join our properties.  This also doesn't mean we need to employ a State or Federal agency to control every activity or take our combined earned dollars and then dole it back out to these neighbors in a way the officials think is best.  And this is exactly what we have now put our State and Federal agencies in charge of doing. 

It is quite clear that the original designers of our political structure intended on government being a very small part of our lives.  There are two groups of people that this is in contradiction to.  The first is a combined self serving, arrogant, money hungry, narrow minded, group made up of the officials that are primarily in office for extravagant earnings, and the population that shares the spoils by helping keep these officials in their position.  The second group of people are the ones who have little to no desire to take the responsibility required of them and actually work, do what they say they will do, and stop searching for the free tickets the first group promised them.  These two subsets of the population actually make up a very small part of our country.  Most of us leave for work each day, pay all the taxes, put out a great deal of effort at being a responsible citizen, and are also the ones that keep voting this system along the way each year making it harder and harder for us and easier and easier for them. 

Did you every stop to consider that maybe the political system, all governments, have been given to much money already?  If you are in the habit of providing your child with an allowance of maybe just a few dollars a week for doing chores around the house, you might see some success.  But if you gave that child one half of your annual salary for keeping his room clean, he would eventually ask for the other half just to take out the garbage.  And he probably wouldn't do a good job of either one after he was paid.  That is until he had spent all the allowance you gave him on frivolous stuff.  Sound familiar?

The Illinois Governor just signed a 66% increase in State income tax.  There are more people paying more taxes to that State, and all other States as well, than anytime in history.  Our taxes should be going down not up.  This State and all others are simply spending more.  Under this system there is no top tax rate.  It will always keep going up, until the whole country goes down.  The Governor of Minnesota recommends a tax on the wealthy for its over spending deli ma.  This makes a lot of sense, tax those more who 'do' work and have learned how to budget.  Good way to promote progress Governor.

Our local court system in Greene County spent untold amounts on prosecuting a family farm for selling raw milk.  It appeared the Prosecuting Attorney had a personal vendetta and was using the government's tax dollars unwisely even some of the cost paying for a trial by jury.  Of course the judge eventually through it out, but only after one and half years later and who knows how many tax dollars were wasted.  I contend this type of system has already collected more allowance than it deserved.  Instead of spending wisely on real crimes like burglary, theft, illegal drugs, murders, rape, and the list can go on and on, this system had so much money laying around in its piggy bank it chose a farm family to attack.  What a system.

This type of frivolous spending goes on everyday in every State of the Union and surely every hour in our Federal buildings.  They have no deficit.  They simply have so much money they have gotten heavy handed on the check book and no longer feel responsible to the very people contributing to their system.  And as citizens we must begin correcting our mistakes by first becoming responsible for our actions, and our votes for these candidates.  Government should be almost invisible in our daily lives instead of controlling it.  To expect a law or ordinance to control and protect every move we make is a childish perspective.  I believe the best thing to happen in our system is for the report to come back to us that the piggy bank ran out and they can no longer pay for all this fluff we have allowed in the past.  Maybe only then can we realize all we ever needed that system for was to simply take out the trash and keep their rooms clean.  If we leave it up to them, they will eventually own the entire house and we will be sleeping in the alley.  Don't think this isn't already happening.         

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  1. This isn't an isolated case, if anything, it's a worldwide practice. The misappropriation of budget alongside a frivolous allocation on unnecessary expenses haunt governments globally. If we put in seat the right people, we could put an end to crimes and drug trafficking.


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