Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Modern System of Food Production

The modern system of food production, product development and approval, and the act of getting a packaged widget on the shelf for the consumer no longer requires humane standards of ethics, honor, or the reality of actually having sensible value.  In order to advance a product of most any category, in today’s system, requires that it must pass two very non human and objective standards.  One of the standards is at the scientific level and the other is at the legal, or regulatory levels set by the court system.  Irregardless whether the product actually has value, or can do anything whatsoever, if it can muster what it takes to get through these two gate keepers the customer may find this new item on the shelf.

We have been lead to believe that both the scientific approval and legal approval process yields a non subjective point of view.  But simply because decisions and choices are made prior, during, and subsequent to the drafting of the documents that guide the product through each of these individual processes yields an outcome that resembles nothing of being objective.  And because industry has determined and witnessed the fast track available to corporate powers when these two separate processes are combined, each has learned to depend on the other for support and existence.

This can be exemplified in a quite grotesque manner.  Let’s say a very powerful and financially capable institution deemed it appropriate to collect and market animal feces as a human food product.  One of the first steps might be to higher a scientific laboratory, or better yet build a company lab with company paid technicians, to provide evidence that this product does indeed contain nutrition.  Now since feces is organic it will have some kind of nutrient base.  Now that it passed test number one they go forward.  So the scientist may decide since pasteurization of products in the past have deemed even the nastiest tissues known to mankind as having value, this is the road they take.  The product is then taken to high temperatures to reduce the pathogen levels below the predetermined levels and allowable levels previously set by other scientists and approved in the legal system mentioned above. 

The scientist then feed this new product to a few unsuspecting lab rats in which only a modest percentage actually die over the test period.  And even only a smaller number become infected with dangerous diseases.  These tests conclude that the number of deaths and illnesses are acceptable according to their legal council and certainly not a threat to their economical benefits when averages of future sales profits are compared to possible court room litigation.  A new test run on nutrient averages is accomplished so that a pre-approved label can be affixed to the container and soon we have a new food product on the shelf. 

Most all of this being accomplished simultaneously by the in house legal council of the corporation based on strict legal precedent set by governmental regulatory oversight and a highly esteemed court system.  And of course the documentation traveling back and forth between these entities, that are the scientists and the lawyers, is primarily written at a professional level that is designed to complicate issues and delay any obstruction that might prevent or slow down the success of the financial enterprise paying for all this flimflam artistry.  After all they have an altruistic and godly destination to feed the world because the world supposedly can’t feed itself.

So the feces is pasteurized, packaged and labeled with its organic nutrient content, stamped with a USDA approval button, shipped in a legally approved manner and placed on the shelf of the biggest grocers across the country.  Mothers and housewives push their grocery carts up and down the isle, stop and pick up this new highly advertised nutrient dense, colorfully packaged, Organic labeled, wonder food to take home for their family’s evening meal.  Throughout all this process all regulations and laws were adhered to.  This product passed all the scientific procedures and met all legal requirement set by law.  When in reality the best place for this product would be the compost pile.  This because no human ethical, moral, or honorable standards were used in bringing this product to market no one was allowed to ask if it should be done.  And no matter what tests have been run or what legal stamp is placed on that package it will never be more than a big pile of sh-t. 

If you think this is totally absurd and impossible please take the time today to do a little research on what contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, rodent parts and feces, etc. are legally allowed in today’ modern food products.          


  1. Nice post- I am becoming more and more wary of anything stamped with 'official' approval

  2. Hello from Northwest Missouri - Factor e Farm -

    In Orwell's '1984', we've seen that the on-off button was not to be found on TV sets. Today, TVs do come equipped with an on-off button, yet the result is similar to that shown in '1984.' Average consumers eat the sh-t in front of them - in many ways.

    Provocative and seemingly outrageous as this article is, it is quite close to the truth.


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