Monday, December 27, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

What a wonderful time at Christmas for family to all get together once again.  I personally enjoyed, second only to seeing my grandchildren, to hear and see the younger adult generation grow.  As one of the older ones now, I am interested in how these young adults plan on keeping this country free and prosperous.  Only a few of these young adults realize the extent of their effects on our country.  EACH one carries a vote.

The Senate Bill HR 2751 , which soon is expected to be signed by our screw-ball president, no caps because none deserved, will be forced on us very soon.  This bill favors big Agribusiness, which includes the vehement sized Chemical conglomerates, and is designed to force all Americans to purchase their food from where the government sees fit.  Isn't that great.  Once again, our congressmen , whom we elected, that's right you and I who voted them into office must take some of the blame, have taken the bribe of big money and ignored the ones who put them in office.  And once again, we give up yet another one of the few freedoms we had left.  As Americans we are going to have to wake up and quit giving away our freedoms.  When are we going to say NO MORE.  Most of us responsible parents would never allow our children, that is those of us who really care, to abuse us or our sentiments the way our elected officials do almost in every session of congress.  These politicians work for us.  They are our employees.  They are suppose to do what we direct them to do. 

This congress can not even enforce the laws and bills they had in place already.  And yet we allow them to stay in office, vote in more regulation, giving them more opportunity to choose and pick which laws to enforce or should I say which ones pay THEM the most. 

I encourage conversation with all these young adults to help save our country.  I speak primarily on food and farming issues only but this type of political abuse is rampant in many other areas as well.  Many of our customers have come to us to buy food because they have experienced first hand the dangerous effects modern agribusiness has had on the health of their family.  In most cases, when John and Sally Public are given the chance to view our modern poisonous, heartless, degrading, and despicable system of food production from Agribusiness in this country, they begin a search for an alternative.  Many, many times these parents have followed the long and treacherous gamut of fix-a-flat doctors prescribing an endless list of chemical drugs, trying to cover up these repeated offenses we commit by feeding our children fake food.  Hypocrates of hundreds of years ago said "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food".  Our freedoms have been taken away from us one vote at a time.  Lets take it back, one vote at a time as well.  Your grand children's and my grand children's life depends on it.     


  1. It would be good to avoid calling our president a screwball. I'll write to our president and ask him not to sign the bill (what's the Senate version?) into law but name calling is uncivil.

  2. Okay, I looked it up. H.R. 2751 is the Food Safety Modernization bill, companion Senate Bill is S.510. Passed Senate with Tester amendment that protects small farmers from some of the more costly aspects of the bill, costs that big ag can afford but small ag can't. This bill does not affect meat raising, that's regulated by USDA. Fruits and vegetables are subject to S.510 (H.R.2751). We were very busy in October, November, December writing to our Senators about the S.510 that would put small ag out of business as the bill stood at the moment. We were successful in getting the Tester amendment attached to the bill. They heard us. We pointed out that small producers are not the source of food contamination problems (Hartman, diary, Minnesota is an outlyer). It pays to write with paper and pen to our representatives. They pay no attention to emails.


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