Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feeding Hay

I saw a buddy of mine pulling several loads of hay down the road by the ranch this morning.  He stopped and he was very happy about this dry spell we are in.  He sells hay.  After dropping the third load of hay off at my next door neighbors house he asked when I would need hay.  I told him are you kidding.  Look around, there's grass, and a lot of weeds(forbs) for the cattle and sheep.  I told him I don't expect to feed any hay until late February.  Many Missourians would still have plenty of forbs for their livestock to eat, even if they had little to no grass, if they would not have been cutting hay and brush hogging earlier in the year.  Weeds are livestock feed also, and in many cases higher in nutrients than most modern grasses.

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  1. My goats have ate the weeds, small trees and other leafy things.. They are begrudgingly eating the grass. Wehave a second pasture getting fence this weekend and its about shoulder high to me. Unfortunately I do have to feed hay in the winter but hopefully less each year as we get more rotational grazing set up.


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