Friday, August 27, 2010

Egg Poisoning

I wonder if anyone has considered that the main problem with this recent egg calamity could possibly be due to the fact that the hens are housed permanently inside a building where the air is unsafe for humans, as well as animals.  The birds are packed in like sardines.  They never see sunshine, rain, clouds, or eat bugs, worms and are never allowed to forage, all which is natural for a healthy bird.  And drugs are regularly mixed in with their feed to keep them alive in this hell hole.  And did I mention, this is all done for profits.  There is a better way for everyone.  A cheaper egg and a more healthy egg, and a system that could actually put people to work.  It's called a family farm.  But then, who would pay the lobbyists, and contribute to the campaign fund.

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  1. Well said. Have you ever been in chicken house where the hens are kept locked inside? The ammonia is so strong it burns your eyes and makes it impossible to breath. The hens breath that air 24-7.


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